Sarah:  Patience While Waiting.

We all know the story of Abraham and Sarah and how God had promised them a son. However, the promise did not come right away. In the waiting process they began to grow old, and it appeared liked they were never going to be able to conceive the child that God had promised. Sarah begin to look at the circumstances regarding their age. So instead of continuing to believe God she decided to take matters into her own hand by giving her handmaiden Hagar unto Abraham to bear a child. After she had did so she was angry and despised Hagar and regretted her decision. 

When God gives us a promise or when we are believing God for something, he does not always give it to us immediately, but he causes us to wait. Sometimes for a short time other, times for an extended time. I don’t know why we must wait for certain things, but God has a plan in the waiting process. Waiting on the Lord is always for our benefit, waiting builds our faith, strengthens us, gives us patience. If we never have to wait how can we trust God.  During the waiting period we must never try to obtain it on own, but we must be steadfast knowing that if God gave the promise or we are believing for something it will come to pass. We may become like Sarah during the waiting period and get discouraged when it seems like things are not happening or it seems like the circumstances are impossible. When you move ahead of God in your weariness it always causes more harm than good, which is why we must remain steadfast in the waiting process and no matter how long it take or how impossible the circumstances look, we must never move on our own or stop believing for the promise or the petition. Even when we make a mistake in the waiting process as Sarah did God is forgiving, and still faithful to give us what he promised or answer our petition. God has a timing for everything. When his timing has arrived what he has promised or what we have prayed for will be greater than we can imagine. Sometimes it is in the most impossible circumstances where God want us to be so once the promise does happen or the prayers answered everyone will know that it was God who performed the miracle and only, he will get the glory.

Ruth: Faithfulness Rewarded.

Ruth: Chapters 1- 4

The story of Ruth and Naomi tells of faithfulness and love. After Naomi sons died, she pleaded with her daughter in laws Orpah and Ruth to return to their mothers, because she was too old to get married or have more sons for them to marry. Oprah chooses to return home; nevertheless, Ruth decides to abide with Naomi no matter what. 

Ruth did not hesitate to continue with Naomi, despite the present circumstances because her love, for Naomi, was more significant than her love for herself. She gave up a chance to have a husband, children, and she even left her homeland. Because of her choice to continue with Naomi, Ruth found favor with Boaz. He was a wealthy man, Ruth ended up not having to work for food or suffer as she thought she would have too, and she ended up marrying Boaz.      Ruth threshed the barley she had gathered and took it home to Naomi. It was a large amount, about 30 pounds (13 kilograms). She also brought Naomi the food leftover from the meal she had with Boaz and the harvesters. – Slide 9

It was God who put Ruth in the presence of Boaz because he saw her faithfulness, and her love. Ruth was willing to give up having a husband, and God blessed her with Boaz. When we are willing to lay down our own lives for others, then the Lord will reward us with the thing that we were ready to give up and more. Not only will he honor us, but he gives us better and more than we expected. Our love for others must override our needs and our wants if we want to get everything God has for us. It is a humble spirit which God will see and, in our humility, he will lift us. We should always strive to be like Ruth and daily consider the things of others above ourselves. Many times, happiness comes through sacrifice. Ruth made the sacrifice for Naomi, and her sacrifice leads to the greatest blessing of her life. Ruth had the same mindset as Christ because she considered not her own life. Just as Christ did not care about his life, let us also put on the same mind, and we too will find our greatest blessing. 


Women caught in Adultery: Condemned no more.

John 8: 1- 11

As the women caught in adultery stood among the crowd, people begin to accuse her, and when they brought her to Jesus, they asked him if they should stone her. Jesus said nothing but stooped down and wrote on the ground. When he finally spoke, he said to her accusers he who is without sin cast the first stone, and they departed all from the oldest to the youngest. Only the women and Jesus were left. 

Eventually only the woman was left standing there before the crowd. Jesus stood up and said, ‘Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?’ ‘No one, sir,’ she said. – Slide 9
When Jesus had lifted up himself, and saw none but the woman, he said unto her, Woman, where are those thine accusers? hath no man condemned thee? She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more.

I can’t imagine the shame and embarrassment this woman felt as she was facing her accusers. But I love Jesus response in this passage. His response was one solely of love. Jesus never looked upon the women as a sinner or an adulteress. But when he looked at her, he saw someone that was loved by the farther and needed compassion and forgiveness. 

Others may have condemned you because of something you have done. But like the women caught in adultery, Jesus is saying be not convicted because he loves you, the same as he loved this woman. He offers the same forgiveness. He will never judge based on what you have done. But his judgment is based on the love of GOD, which is agape, real, authentic, just, unchanging, and unconditional. If Jesus no longer condemns us, we should no longer condemn ourselves, but we should receive the grace that he offers and no matter what we have done, we will be able to walk in freedom, whatever guilt or issues you are dealing with surrender it to him and his love will wash it away because his love is more powerful than any sin. 

Jochebed: Protecting what God has given you.

Exodus, chapter 1-2

 Jochebed was the mother of Moses. We don’t read much about her in the Bible, but the small role she played changed the destiny of an entire nation. We all know the story of how pharaoh made a decree to have all the Jewish male children killed at birth. However, Jochebed refused to have her child killed. But she risked her own life by hiding him. It did not seem significant at the time, but her choice helped to bring forth Moses whom God would use to free his people from bondage. What made Jochebed great was her ability to see that what God had given her was too great to die. The scripture says she saw he was a goodly child. Which means she knew what she had carried for nine months and given birth to was special. God has placed something within each one of us. It can be a talent, a ministry, or a dream or like Jochebed God may have given you a child to raise and to protect whom he wants to one day use for his glory. The enemy knows that what God has chosen you to give birth to will one day help to deliver others. He wants to destroy that thing before it has a chance to come forth, just like Moses. But you must be like Jochebed and refuse to let him destroy what God has given you. You must see the purpose in it. You must cherish, it and nourish it until GOD gets ready to bring it forth. Jochebed made a straightforward decision, and that decision lead to greatness, to deliverance, freedom for an entire nation of people and generations to come, not only throughout the Bible but today because it is through the liberation out of Egypt where the story of Israel and the Jewish people begin. Protect what God has birthed out of you with everything within you and watch God use it for his glory.

Women of the Bible

I am writing a series of devotional blogs post about women of the Bible, inspired by the holy spirit. Women are God’s creative work, created as powerful, strong vessels of God. We can Learn many things from the women in the Bible. They were not perfect, and they made mistakes; nevertheless, they were able to come through whatever they had to face. They demonstrated boldness, faith, and strength in times when it mattered most. They fought through trials and overcame barriers; they helped to shape the destiny of nations and where the seed in which Jesus was born. I hope you join me on this journey through women of the Bible, and as you read through the posts, I hope you are encouraged and blessed. 

Fearfully and Wonderfully made.


In a world that is obsessed with appearance, I often struggle with who I am. When I look in the mirror at my self, sometimes all I can see is my flawed self, my imperfections, the aging body, and the scarred skin. I realize that I will never be the person I want to be no matter how hard I try to live up to a standard of beauty. I often wonder why God created me the way he did. I ask why Lord did I have to be short, why Lord could I have not had clearer skin, or been prettier. In my mind, I feel life would have been easier if I was more beautiful. Sometimes days when I am feeling overwhelmed with my appearance, I stare in the mirror at myself, trying to find some way to love who I am. Sometimes I feel like crying, and I do because I feel so inadequate. So unworthy to be loved.
Whenever I am feeling this way, I read Psalm 139: 14, which says that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. And I sometimes question the Lord as to how I can be fearfully and wonderfully made if I am so imperfect. What he whispers to me is that he does not see my imperfections. When he looks at me, he only sees perfection. He created me perfectly, and although I am not perfect in the flesh, the real me is my spirit. He only judges by the heart for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. Who I am within is what makes me who I am. I have found that the world has a standard and God has a standard, I would rather live up to Gods standard which is being beautiful on the inside, and the outside will follow with love, kindness, and the fruit of the spirit. Although I still struggle with this scripture, I read it continually because I know that one day, I will whole heartily believe in it. In closing with my imperfection, I am thankful that God sees the real me, and he loves that person because he made me for himself. Although flawed, yet I am perfect because he created in his image.


Quiet Time.


Sometimes it feels like I can’t make it through another day. Because of all the cares of this life that weighs me down. Many times, I stop for a moment and sit in the quiet, so I can calm my worries and my fears, and release the stresses of that day. It is in theses quiet times where I get rejuvenated because I can hear my Father’s voice whisper to me you can keep going because he is with me and he gives me the strength to keep moving forward. As I began fellowshipping with him, I hear him tell me he loves me as I love on him back. I meditate on the greatness of my Farther. Because he is great, awesome and there is none other like him. Suddenly all the things that weighed me down don’t seem so massive I don’t even realize that they exist. Because when you are in his presence, nothing else matters. So, when the stresses of life become overwhelming look to him, for when my heart is overwhelmed lead me to the rock that higher than I (Psalm 61:2). He is our rock, and if we remain rooted and grounded in him, nothing can overwhelm us.